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"Am I Normal?"

The answer is, “No!”

You are, in fact, extraordinary.

Now, if what you’re really asking is if your experiences during and after meditation are “normal,” then the answer is, “Yes.”

(99.9% of the time.)*

Meditation has a wide range of effects and benefits and while everyone is a unique lotus flower, you can rest assured that other meditators are feeling you, not to mention your teachers who between all the hundreds of thousands of people we’ve taught to meditate, well, we’ve either heard it all or had our own direct experience.

You = Extraordinary

Your Experience = Normal

There's no need to take my word for it, let’s talk about it in person at a weekly Group Meditation just in case you’re having an experience in the .01% range considered by no one else but me to be a, “Consciousness Anomaly.”

What is a Group Meditation?

There is so much value in gathering as a group to experience what we sometimes call a "deep dive" together. Noting the differences between what it feels like to meditate on one's own compared with what it feels like to meditate in a group can be a fun way to gain more insight into your practice. Many Vedic Meditation teachers all over the world offer weekly Group Meditations. It's an opportunity to refine your practice, meet other meditators, share your meditation experiences and to ask questions.

Speaking of questions, guess what? You are invited to my weekly Group Meditation on the Westside in LA, which includes dinner by the way. Meditators gather at my home once a week and we meditate, share a meal and discuss whatever bubbles up for the group on that particular night.

If you're reading this and you're like, "Well I don't live in Los Angeles so where am I going to go for my Group Med?" No worries! Reach out to me via the contact form on the homepage of and ask me who is available nearby. Even if you live in the San Fernando Valley and feel like coming to the Westside is too challenging (believe me, I get it) then contact me and I'll get you all situated in the Valley, like totally fer sure fer SURE! It is all part of your lifetime support whether I, or one of my esteemed colleagues taught you this practice.

You can always reach out between Group Meditations, too. I'd rather get a call from you saying that you had an unexpected experience during meditation than find out five years later when we randomly run into each other at Jiffy Lube that you stopped your practice four and a half years ago because the last time you meditated, during your twenty minutes, you felt like your head had grown several sizes and you assumed you must be doing it wrong because that seems totally cray-cray. I could've assured you that this experience falls into the "normal" category and is a very common experience as one gets accustomed to touching unboundedness. Boom! You could've kept meditating and continued your evolution towards personal awesomeness.

Lifetime support is simply that; support that lasts a lifetime. Rather than wondering if your experience is normal, find out. Come to a Group Med, and then continue being extraordinary, You!

* self imposed mandatory disclaimer.

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