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Being Born is the Leading Cause of Death, Worldwide

There are very few guarantees in this lifetime, but one thing we can count on is that being born into a body inevitably leads to body death.

We know this. It is indisputable. And once we fully accept it and even embrace it, we can begin the good work of enhancing our quality of life before the inevitable.

When we practice Vedic Meditation for twenty minutes twice a day, we are essentially practicing the art of letting go (and I have SO much more to say about this... at another time).

We let go of control. We let go of attachment to how we think our meditation should feel. We let go of results and we let go of judging our thoughts; there is a sweet surrender to what Is, and we experience Being. This experience is so profound that it begins to show up in our waking state where we find ourselves letting go of rigid attachment to timing and outcomes, of trying to control a loved one's behavior, and letting go of too much seriousness about achieving and acquiring.

Mastering the art of letting go, in whatever which way you come to practice it, is one of the keys to enjoying life. I have desires and I take action in the direction of these desires and I have no preconceived notion as to where these desires will lead. I've experienced too many curveballs from Universe to think for any part of a second that I have control over what happens next. The best I can do is make excellent choices that keep my body healthy and in top working condition, practice gratitude for the people and bounty in my life, and keep acting on my desires without attachment to any particular outcome.

This doesn't mean I don't have goals or wishes. I do. My goal is to teach Vedic Meditation and to keep growing my knowledge and wisdom. Notice I didn't say that my goal is to teach VM to 240 people by April 2019. Anyone who has ever taken a marketing class knows the drill of being very specific about their goals. That's fine. Keep doing that if it motivates you, but I urge you to stay open to surprises and to let go depending on the demand of those surprises.

Once I acknowledged and accepted that this lifetime is only moving in one direction and that direction leads to eventual body death, I felt a lightness in my being and a freedom to let go of "achievements" in favor of moving towards love of family, friends, neighbors, and Self.

If I am lucky enough to get quite old and to be surrounded by my loved ones at the end of my life in this excellent body, I believe I might actually sparkle with the knowledge that I truly lived and loved after mastering the art of letting go and that I had fun and enjoyed the ride.

How about you? What's one way you can begin practicing letting go?

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