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Gather the Pearls

The last time I was on Maui, I snorkeled for the first time ever. Brilliant is the word which best describes being able to breath under water and enjoy the unbelievable display of light and life in this whole other world.

So often we use a wave and the ocean as an analogy for individuality and universality uniting during our meditation practice.

There I was, practically weightless, so peaceful and calm, witnessing the beauty and wonder of the ocean while still breathing in the air from the world above where I spend the majority of my time all while getting a serious sunburn on my backside.

Totally worth it!

This unforgettable experience taught me so much about who I am when I have no demand other than to enjoy the seascape of colorful coral, tropical fish swimming by, and the giant sea turtle that dove right under me inches from my torso that so delighted me that I laughed out loud. Who knew you could laugh under water?

There’s no ego in this equation. Just me floating as an innocent witness, taking it as it comes.

Sunburnt booty aside, my joy on dry land having had this experience was truly unbounded.

We experience something similar each time we meditate. We dive into our practice with no expectation and take it as it comes and then go out into the world and do our thing! Like Maharishi’s quote above, we gather the pearls during our meditation practice and then enjoy their value outside of our practice.

I had a potentially lucrative business opportunity fall through while at the airport on my way home from Maui to LA and I was completely okay about it.


Because equanimity is on the menu when we know we have unlimited handfuls of pearls with unlimited value.

Knowing this, we make sure to gather the pearls twice a day everyday and we do not fret for long when we have a change in expectation.

#meditation #VedicMeditation #VedicWisdom #maharishimaheshyogi #equanimity

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