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Good Body

With the holidays coming and the expectation that we are able to travel to see family and friends this year, it is possible we might find ourselves a little over-scheduled or over-extended while at the same time indulging in holiday sweets, treats, and revelry.

All is well and good. No judgement here.

Since the body is here to support all this activity, wouldn't it be sweet if we were to remember to reciprocate?

Good body. Thank you, body! Would you like some rest, body? How about some water? Let's go for an easy walk, body. Would body like a hot bath? Some yoga? Let's meditate now, body, and if you like, let's have a little lie down afterwards.

It may seem obvious, but taking the body's needs and wellbeing into consideration before saying "yes" to one more party invitation, or one more slice of pie, is showing a great deal of love and respect for your "life partner," your body! Maybe body is so hydrated and well rested that another party or another piece of pie is a welcome little indulgence. "Why not? Thanks for checking in with me first," says body.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season filled with joy and a healthy alliance with your number one greatest support; your body.

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