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Kind Words

There is a lot of anticipation, nervous energy and anxiety about the unknown in my household today. School starts tomorrow!

What's it going to be like?

What if my new teacher is strict?

What if the bully in my class is an even bigger bully now?

What if the projects I never finished on zoom last year are going to mess me up and I'm going to be behind the whole class?

It can be crazy making to hear someone's anxiety voiced out loud, filling the environment with fear energy. But the person doing it happens to be a beautiful innocent child, so we do our best to meet her anxiety with kind words and patience.

Now, what about our own anxious thoughts that are coming from within?

Even diligent meditators can have anticipation creep into the thought process, or experience fear of the unknown once in a while. We can have these thoughts or experience these feelings while at the same time knowing that the unknown is the best place to be and that we are worthy and deserving of all the best which means that there really is nothing to worry about or fear.

Rather than smashing these thoughts and feelings down, ignoring them, giving into them, or getting annoyed with ourselves, we can choose to meet this challenge with kind words and patience.

Let the big Self give some loving guidance to the small self. It's a very sweet thing to do.

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