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No, it's not a fancy Sanskrit word expressive of a life-enhancing Vedic principle.

S'chüg or Zhug, is a delicious Yemeni spicy condiment, one that was my absolute favorite (especially the "red" kind) for a couple of years, and then *poof* it disappeared from my consciousness.

Until recently.

Over the last three years or so, I've been learning the preferences of my romantic partner and daughters. Not because I felt obligated to, and not even because I wanted to. It all happened spontaneously and my nature is such that love in the form of nurture requires some of my attention on the preferences of my loves. (Some, mind you, not all of it.)

I must have a pretty good handle on it because all of the sudden last week I had the thought, "Wait a second, what do I like?"

Well, I like S'chüg!

I spent a day or two contemplating it and felt renewed and refreshed. I was reminded that I can be of service to my family, devoted and nurturing, and at the same time, treat myself to a little spicy condiment, some solo travel now and again, listen to my favorite band, Pink Martini, and light a couple (dozen) candles. So simple.

Whatever you are in service of or devoted to, may you continue to accept, nurture and enjoy the individuality through which the divine is experiencing the world.

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