Introducing Caroline Aulis and Cindy Wu, Portland-Based Vedic Meditation Teachers!

Vedic Meditators in Seattle, and those who are readying themselves to learn, have just received quite a boon in the form of two excellent Portland-based Vedic Meditation teachers.

It has been my mission to nurture and grow the Seattle Vedic Meditation Community and the best way I can do that is to introduce you to Caroline and Cindy who are not only a terrific fit for Seattle, but are also a mere three hour ride away.

Already a Vedic Meditator? Come meet them at the Intro Talk or come to the Group Meditation on Monday night! 

Considering learning? We'll see you at the Intro! Check out their bios here.

Caroline is a Vedic Meditation teacher based in Portland, OR. After many years working as a researcher and strategist for some of the world's leading brands, she left the corporate world and followed a long-time passion for helping others cultivate greater balance in today’s fast-paced world. Having dealt with a lot of anxiety as a child and into her 20s, meditation gave her the ability to move through the world with more stability and joy. After completing a rigorous training program in the foothills of the Himalayas, Caroline now teaches in-depth meditation courses to help people meditate with more ease, understand the mechanics of the mind and body, and navigate life's demands with less stress and more adaptability.  


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Cindy teaches Vedic Meditation and writes literary short fiction.  She was born in Taiwan and now lives in Portland, OR. She found Vedic Meditation during a time when, outwardly, it seemed she had everything she ever wanted.  She was attending a prestigious creative writing fellowship in New York City, doing research and being mentored by several award-winning novelists.  Inwardly however, she struggled with severe anxiety.  She knew from her creative work that everything is somehow connected and yet, before she learned to meditate, she had trouble experiencing this in her day-to-day.  When meditation began to clear away the stresses in her mind-body, she began to experience daily the underlying connectedness of everything. She teaches Vedic Meditation full-time to help people be more brilliantly themselves and relate deeper to the world around them.


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