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Pilot Light Blue: Coming Soon

April 26, 2018

"Accessing JOY even during challenging times..." 



While caring for my partner who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, my meditation practice kept me not only sane, but gave me the energy to be nurturing, friendly and even cheerful sometimes.


It occurred to me one afternoon as I was walking to the grocery store from our Washington Heights apartment that there was this tiny part of me that was still connected to joy despite the heaviness of our circumstances. I began equating this feeling to a little pilot light inside just waiting for gas to ignite it before it could become splendid again. Surely it was there, small and standing by and full of potential.


I decided  to name the blog connected to my Meditation Studio, "Pilot Light Blue," and my partner even designed the logo just weeks before he completed his life in the relative world.


Pilot Light Blue is an exploration in which I'll be gathering knowledge from authors, teachers and seekers, as well as knowledge from the Vedas, to discover more about this blissful little blue light flickering inside. 




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