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September 16, 2018

Choosing Joy, Stability, and an Irresistible Authenticity over Busy and Needy





Being a native Los Angelina, I've witnessed some aspects of the local culture that have garnered some worldwide ridicule; namely, our need for approval, physical perfection, and valuing appearances over authenticity. True to some degree, what people don't get to see or experience is the passion, creativity and kindness of both natives and transplants alike. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the next Jennifer Lopez, Spike Lee or Aaron Sorkin. Having specific aspirations is wonderful and using the careers and success of your idols as a template is a great place to start. However; pursuing them without stability and a sense of familiarity with your true authentic self is a recipe for disappointment, desperation and ultimately failure. 

Did I, like, totally harsh your mellow? That's native Valley Girl speak for, did I bum you out a little? That's okay. If what I said resonates with you then you're closer to realizing your dreams than you think.


Why is that? Because, you recognize that you haven't been bringing your authentic self to the room, whether it's the audition room, the writer's room or simply the living room. 


WHO is the one experiencing these desires and aspirations?


WHO is the one so busy with the pursuit that they've forgotten to just BE? 


WHO is the one operating out of fear and scarcity instead of embracing abundance?

Allow me to introduce you to exactly WHO by teaching you a simple, effortless, portable, ancient, tried and true meditation technique. Once you have a sense of WHO your authentic self is, everything else starts to fall into place. This is not something you need to believe, this is something you need to experience by dedicating yourself to this easy mental technique. 

Step one is recognizing that "busy" and "needy" are no longer en vogue. They never actually were, but we accepted them as a signal to others that "I am in pursuit of something very important and I don't have time for friendship, self-care or self-awareness right now. I am BUSY and I NEED to be validated with an offer before I can do anything else." 

Step two is coming to a free Intro to Vedic Meditation Talk in Venice so we can meet and I can begin the good work of unraveling the mistaken thinking you might have about what you need to be doing in order to achieve your goals. Oh, I am ALL FOR GOALS. Big ones! But we are going to chat and I am going to remove a layer of crap that has been clouding your vision about how you are pursuing said goals. You're welcome.

Step three is learning this technique and practicing it every day. This isn't just a technique that you learn so that you can tell your barista and agent that yes, in fact you do meditate because how else can you justify wearing designer meditation clothes that say things like "Awake" and "Om" on them? No, no, no. There are inexpensive, very appealing, perfectly fine Apps for that. No, no. This is the real deal. This is a meditation practice for people who want a personal spiritual revolution and are willing to accept the greatness and power that comes with it. 

You're already on your way to Joy and Stability and an Irresistible Authenticity that is a rare and beautiful thing in any industry. Let's get started.


Visit to RSVP and secure a spot at my next Intro Talk. 

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