"The purpose of the Ramayana was never less than to awaken the reader spiritually and set him on the great journey that finally, if after many lives, leads to the last goal of all existence - to moksha, nirvana, the truth that frees, to God."   - Ramesh Menon 


Explore current events, modern life, and the path to Supreme Self-Realization within the context of the universal and timeless themes of The Ramayana.


The Vedic Nerd Book Club (VNBC) is for Vedic Meditators who love to read, who get a kick out of cross-references, and who are thrilled to apply Vedic wisdom to their own personal lives.


VNBC is more like an in depth course rather than a casual book club. 

Our meetings are often joyful, meaningful, personal, and fun. Above all, the VNBC sets the stage for personal growth and evolution.

We are currently reading The Ramayana until August 7th. Fall and Winter units will be announced soon. Contact me if you'd like to stay in the know about VNBC and its happenings.





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