Vedic Nerd Book Club (VNBC) is for Vedic Meditators who love to read, crave knowledge, get a kick out of cross-references, and who are thrilled to apply

Vedic wisdom to their own personal lives.


The term "nerd" is affectionately used to reflect the enthusiasm with which the material is being approached and gives members permission to completely, fully, unabashedly "nerd out" on Vedic literature.


VNBC is more akin to an in depth study than a casual book club. 


Guided by me, Jamey Hood, a certified meditation teacher in Los Angeles, our meetings are joyful, meaningful, personal, and fun.


Groups are intentionally kept small so that we may each have a chance to ask our questions, posit our theories, share our experiences, and ponder the "big stuff."


Above all, VNBC sets the stage for personal growth and evolution.

Winter 2020: The Ramayana, A Modern Retelling translated by Ramesh Menon. 

Late Winter 2021: TBD

Spring 2021: TBD

Summer 2021: The Mahabharata translated by Ramesh Menon

If you are interested in nerding out with us, subscribe to the weekly newsletter to stay in the know. Dates and details for all reading will be in the VNBC section of the weekly email.


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