You are here because...

  • You want to feel better; happier, less stressed, clear and calm.

  • You sometimes feel anxious even when, intellectually, you know that everything is fine.

  • You recognize the possibility that you might be in your own way in regards to enjoying the success and happiness you feel you are capable of having.

I felt that way, too, and then I learned

Vedic Meditation.

Q. What is Vedic Meditation?

A. Vedic Meditation is a technique designed to give the body an opportunity to heal and repair while achieving a deep state of rest. Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase the potential for more clarity, creativity, and calm. 

"I would say so far, at least 80% of my fatigue episodes have been either eliminated or greatly decreased since learning Vedic Meditation. 

For me, this is literally life-changing; it's as though I've gotten back hours of my life that I'd frequently lose due to being too lethargic to move." 

- Jodi, NYC (has an auto immune disease which can cause "extremely debilitating fatigue.")

Q. Where does Vedic Meditation come from?

A. Originating in India, this practice has been taught for thousands of years. It has stood the test of time and people all over the world benefit from practicing this technique daily. Although it is not religious, there is a spiritual component, which as a teacher, I completely embrace and do not shy away from. 

Q. What exactly is the technique and how does one practice it?

A. Vedic Meditation is a silent mental technique performed for twenty minutes twice a day in a comfortable seated position. The practice is taught live and in person over a four day period.

You will receive a more detailed answer when we have our initial meeting.

"I love how truly effortless Vedic Meditation is. You don't need special equipment, or a change of clothes, and you don't need to be at a specific place at a certain time.

If you can find a place to sit, you can meditate. And, the payoff for such little effort is immense. I feel calm, clear, and refreshed after every practice."

- Jason, Brooklyn

Q. Why do we need to meet in person?
Can you teach me over FaceTime or Zoom?

A. There are many things one can learn via FaceTime, Zoom, and YouTube,

but learning a profound meditation technique is not one of them. 


Anything that promotes positive change that can have true lasting power in our lives is enhanced by the quality of attention and energy that we give to it. 

Q. I'm interested. What do I do now?

A. If learning a meditation practice that has the potential to spark real personal transformation from an artist who has experienced it first hand is meaningful to you, let's schedule a meeting. This meeting is a prerequisite to the four day course.

Click the "We Meet" button below to find available times to meet in Los Angeles and New York. If your city isn't listed, please contact me using the Questions form below.





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