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A sun with the letters VVBC.

Veda Vyasa Book Club (VVBC) is the international book club devoted to developing consciousness through Vedic literature. VVBC is for Vedic meditators who are curious about reading Vedic literature and want to do it in an environment in which a deep and nuanced understanding of the material is not only encouraged, but inevitable.


The Itihasa and Puranas are approached with a great deal of enthusiasm, giving members permission to completely, fully, and unabashedly "nerd out."


VVBC is more akin to an in depth course of study than a casual book club and sets the stage for personal growth, Self-discovery, and evolution.


Guided by me, Jamey Hood, a certified meditation teacher based in Venice, CA, our meetings are joyful, meaningful, personal, and fun.

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The Mahabharata written in the sky above the horizon.
The Ramayanan written over a photo of Rama with bow and arrow flying on Hanuman's back.
Devi Mahatmyam written over a painting of Goddess Durga.
Siva written over an image of Lord Siva in the Cosmos.

We'll explore the 5th Veda together over 13 weeks. The Mahabharata, with The Bhagavad-Gita at its heart, has every principle of the Veda contained within its storyline. A must-read for those who wish to understand Karma, Dharma, and how to gain liberation. 

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Sita, Rama, and Hanuman guide us on this 8 week course: a journey of Self-discovery through a gorgeous narrative which highlights Compassion, Truth, and Devotion.

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A diamond hidden within The Markandeya Purana, The Devi Mahatmyam extols Mother Divine as Supreme Being in 700 verses. Short and sweet, this 3-day course satisfies the desire to know feminine consciousness: what It is and what It does.

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Bizarre, sexy, humorous, at times grotesque, and other times Supremely Awesome, the Siva Purana challenges our assumptions about the role and function of Destruction and what Supreme Being might look like. 4 Week Course.


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Blue God written over an image of Lord Krishna.

This is a Self-Guided tour through Ramesh Menon's masterpiece in which he juxtaposes Krishna's early life with scenes from the Bhagavad-Gita until the two timelines become One. You'll have access to all Support Materials. Course includes two live Q&A sessions. Date and time to be determined. 

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