Veda Vyasa Book Club (VVBC) is for Vedic meditators who are curious about reading Vedic literature and want to do it in an environment in which a deep and nuanced understanding of the material is not only encouraged, but inevitable.


The Itihasa and Puranas are approached with a great deal of enthusiasm, giving members permission to completely, fully, and unabashedly "nerd out."


VVBC is more akin to an in depth study than a casual book club and sets the stage for personal growth, Self-discovery, and evolution.


Guided by me, Jamey Hood, a certified meditation teacher in Los Angeles, our meetings are joyful, meaningful, personal, and fun.


Jan-March 2022:  The Ramayana: A Modern Retelling adapted by Ramesh Menon.

  April/May 2022:  The Devi Mahatmyam (supplemented with Shakti by Vanamali)

  May/June 2022:  Blue God by Ramesh Menon  (Upon request.)      

    Summer 2022:  The Mahabharata adapted by Ramesh Menon

            Fall 2022Siva Purana adapted by Ramesh Menon

   Winter 2022/23:  The Ramayana: A Modern Retelling adapted by Ramesh Menon.

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