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AI and the Digital Collective

Have you interacted with the image generating AI called DALL-E? I'm fascinated by the digital space the collective consciousness is occupying and how artificial intelligence is accessing the history of all of our input to generate new images.

Here is my first command and a selection of images that were generated:

While not one of these images adequately resembles the purest of the pure, our perfect Sita, it is still pretty cool! We could continue refining one of them until we get the image looking more accurate. Which would you choose to refine and what would be your next command?

So much intelligence is required. You'd have to have knowledge of Sita, mastery over language in order to give the AI just the right prompts, an understanding of the circumstances in which Sita finds herself and the emotion involved in each scenario, visual intelligence, etc.

As technology evolves we have an opportunity to evolve with it and to use it to benefit the many. If AI is accessing input to generate new ideas and images, then it seems to me that more people who have direct experience of their Universal nature could be throwing their ideas, voices, art, and intelligence into the collective "fire" as it were. People with a high EQ (emotional intelligence), friendliness, compassion, stability, generosity, creativity, clarity, calm, intuition, speakers of sweet truth can be adding their stories into the fire.

As someone who meditates or is about to learn to meditate, I invite you to share in whatever way(s) makes sense for you to share. That book you've been thinking about writing? Write it. That podcast you've been thinking about starting? Start it. That project you've been wanting to develop that might unite your community? Take one step in the direction of that desire.

That way, next time I give a command to refine Sita, the AI will be drawing from your wisdom, your intelligence, your light, and to that I say, Jai Guru Deva!

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