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Balance beam, balance board, balance sheet, balanced meal, balanced hormones, balanced checkbook, balance between work and play, between earning and spending, between cost and value, between goal-getting and rest.

Balance between masculine and feminine, right and wrong, good and evil.

Balance between attaining wealth, enjoying the pleasures of love, and pursuing a path with Truth and dignity for self and others.

When we have balance, we have unlimited unfettered access to Creative Intelligence.

We close the eyes for twenty minutes twice daily without attachment or expectation. We release, over time of non-negotiable daily practice, a lifetime of stress accumulation. We experience unity between individual self and Universal Self. 

In the waking state, we recognize when balance is in place and when an imbalance is occurring; in the mind, the body, in the collective.

We take inspired action, and effortlessly, simply by virtue of our practice, we are agents of restoring balance; within ourselves and in whatever environment we occupy. 

Although it sounds heroic, there is no need to don a cape or iron a giant letter B onto your favorite leotard. 

Be simple. Be easy. Be dignified, adorable, and graceful. Balance, or the desire for balance, will naturally and innocently be present in all that you do and in all that you are. 

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