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Claiming Self-Worth Through Daily Meditation

I used to put my self-worth in other people’s hands.

Now I’m living a life I didn’t even know to dream for myself. It’s so far beyond anything I could’ve imagined.

Twenty plus years of pursuing the theater arts and having a modicum of success still left me feeling anxious and unworthy.

I was looking outside myself for validation- from casting directors, directors, producers, reviewers, other actors, audience members. If they weren’t casting me or praising me, I felt worthless.

This is a photo of me taken in Northern India a couple of months ago.

Me living my best life in Northern India

This version of me:

1. Knows her self-worth from the inside. Totally self-sufficient.

2. Is going on incredible adventures. Solo-traveling and teaching meditation all over the world.

3. Feels worthy of living a life with dignity, clarity, creativity, and abundance.

What changed?

I learned a simple meditation technique that helped me tune into what my body needs. My mind settled down enough to release the stress that kept me in the cycle of self-doubt.

Now I help other creatives do the same-- get out of the cycle of self-doubt and claim a life they love. I teach them how to meditate.

To learn more about what I teach, sign up for my weekly newsletter where I share meditation inspiration plus opportunities to take the four-day meditation course here in Venice at Superba Meditation Center.

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