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How Do You Celebrate?

Recently, I celebrated the culmination of a lot of hard work, devotion, dedication, and diving into the unknown. A labor of love came to fruition and the final expression of it was way beyond what I had initially set out to do.

Yes! So satisfying. My first thought was to burn off some of the excitement of it all by walking to Salt and Straw and getting an ice cream cone but it was a bit chilly. Next thought was to go on a quest for hot chocolate.

Out the door I went, walking on air, every human, dog, squirrel, and even spooky spider I came across got a big ol' grin and hello from me. The dogs were particularly receptive to my ebullience.

Hot chocolate acquired and in hand, I proceeded to glide around my neighborhood taking it all in.

The dominant feeling in this hot chocolate celebration walk was to share; not the blab-about-my-accomplishment-to-anyone-who-will-listen kind of sharing, but the eye to eye, smile to smile, heart to heart without words kind of sharing. The kind of sharing that takes in and receives the beauty and full expression of another be it flora or fauna.

What a joy.

  • How do you celebrate?

  • Do you allow yourself the time to enjoy the wins before moving on to the next thing?

We grow, expand, and leap forward into the unknown every day. Life is a series of wins. Some wins are quickly and quietly acknowledge, and some deserve a happy dance.

I celebrate you and all that you are.

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