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Have you ever held onto something for so long that you forgot you were holding on to it?

Energetically it's taking up space, but it's kind of been forgotten about, so it's just a tiny black hole in your closet, in your garage, in your mind, in your heart.

After one thousand five hundred and six days, I deleted the voicemail that the oncologist left me the morning after Gary completed his life.

I can't tell you why I saved it for so long. Over the years I've had multiple opportunities to delete it. But I didn't, and then I'd forget about it until the next time I cleaned out my inbox.

I saved it. I saved it all that time...


And just like that, it's gone. And I am okay. I am more than okay.

My experience so far has been this:

Remembering doesn't require "holding on." In fact, the more I let go, the more free I feel to remember the sweetness of it all.

Now, that doesn't mean we have to let go all at once, or ever give away precious mementos. Not at all.

Letting go is a natural process that requires no force, no fortitude. We merely allow. We allow and witness.

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