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2 Unexpected Benefits From Practicing Vedic Meditation

Before I became a full time Vedic meditation teacher, I was a theater performer for over 25 years. Frustrated with feeling anxious and a near constant feeling of dread despite having a pretty good life, I decided to learn to meditate.

Yes, it helped with the anxiety.

Yes, that feeling of dread disappeared.

Here are the two unexpected benefits.

  1. Stability

  2. Confidence

Here's my story:

I was the one saying No to myself. Can you relate?

I was afraid the

• casting director

• director

• writer

• producer

were all going to reject me.

So I didn’t submit my headshot/resume, didn’t write to an associate, didn’t take advantage of the connections I had and relationships I’d built.

Sound familiar? Keep reading.

It was all based on fear. Fear of rejection. I told myself NO before they even had a chance.

What changed?

I learned Vedic Meditation, a simple meditation technique that helped me calm down.

Here are a few of the benefits of practicing Vedic Meditation.

  1. I started to feel more stable and with that stability came more confidence.

  2. I started to show up to auditions with a playful attitude—no desperation. I didn’t need the job.

  3. I started saying Yes to myself.

When I started saying Yes, I started getting more high profile jobs, secure income, and went on amazing adventures touring the US, Japan, and China.

I still act now and again but teaching meditation is 10x more rewarding. I love seeing people breakthrough their own self limitations.

If you have a meditation practice, make sure you schedule time to do it every day.

If you’d like to learn more about Vedic Meditation, email me at

This is me meditating backstage on the National Tour of Hello Dolly. I booked this tour a few weeks after learning to meditate.

Confidence and Stability helped me book more jobs after learning Vedic Meditation.
Jamey Hood Meditating Back Stage

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