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Yeah + But: Overcome Resistance

These 2 Words Keep Us Stuck.

Ever find yourself advising someone and hearing a series of

"Yeah, but...

Yeah, but...

Yeah, but..." in response?

Or you yourself are holding onto your "yeah, buts" for dear life. It happens.

"Yeah, but" keeps us stuck.

"Yeah, but" is swimming upstream.

"Yeah, but" actively ignores.

The "yeah" implies knowing or seeing, and the "but" negates that which is known or seen.

If we find ourselves in "yeah, but" mode we can challenge ourselves.

1. What am I holding onto?

2. What do I see or know that I'm choosing to ignore?

3. What am I afraid to either accept or change?

“Yeah, but” is a form of resistance.

I hear “yeah, but” a lot in meditation consultations. “Yeah, I know meditation would be good for me, but…”

It usually has to do with fear and attachment— The fear of letting go and attachment to what is rather than what could be.

Overcome resistance. Message me for a free 1:1 meditation consultation and let me help you move past your "yeah, buts."

Retro Graphic with "Yeah, but" repeating eight times
"Yeah, but" Overcome Resistance

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