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A Storage Story

Seven thousand miles and six years later, the majority of the contents of the U-Store-It Pod were no longer relevant.

From Los Angeles to New York to Seattle and then back to Los Angeles, the pod, which never got unpacked in New York or Seattle, turned out to be this heavy, expensive and burdensome time capsule filled with objects that were apparently easier to hold onto and ship across the country three times than to simply let go.

The sweet liberation of letting go.

I am not sure what I expected when I finally opened the pod but it became abundantly clear that the contents were no longer relevant to who I had become. I saved a handful of sentimental things and a few well-made kitchen items and let the rest go.

Sometimes we hold on. We hold on out of habit. We hold on out of fear. We hold on because that's what we think we're supposed to do.

A good question to ask ourselves is:

Is what I am holding onto relevant to who I am becoming?

If the answer is no, we can let go. We let go and then light and free we move forward and expand.

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