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When we observe our own individual sequence of feminine and masculine energy, how it ebbs and flows, recognizing when it is out of balance and when balance is restored, we greatly increase our ability to understand the same energies and their oscillation in the collective.

Noticing an imbalance in the collective? Look within.

With an expanded awareness of the Laws of Nature which underly, govern, and support all activity, our inner battles become more like an inner dance. Inner dissonance becomes symphonic; the notes may clash at times but consistently resolve.

Observing our own patterns of conflict gives us information about conflict in the collective.

What can we do to better understand our Nature?

We rest and purify the body with meditation, practice Advanced Techniques gaining more subtlety in our perceptual acuity, and we read Vedic literature which has all the Laws of Nature embedded within it in the form of entertaining and relatable stories.

We can look within with curiosity and compassion and know that doing so will yield greater and greater degrees of understanding. When we understand our inner Nature and how it moves, we are better equipped to understand and stand under the collective, lifting and supporting it in the way that is most relevant for each of us.

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