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Charming Echo

Standing in a valley surrounded by the splendor of Nature, drinking in the sights, sounds, the scent of pine, wet bark, crisp air comes cooly into the nose and exits warm.

Feeling both small and large at once, we cannot help ourselves and a resounding "HELLO!" escapes us.

We hear it again and again, "HELLO! HELLO! Hello! Hello! hello... almost as loud as the first time at first, but then softer, softer, softer.

We stop everything in order to listen, quietening the breath, pausing the blood in our veins, following the sound into its most subtle iteration until at last we can hear it no more.

We follow the charming echo and allow it to take us into silence.

And for a moment, there seems to be no echo and no thought. Only silence.

What are we actually doing in that moment? Being.

Twice daily we close the eyes and allow our mantra to charm us. Perhaps it takes us into silence, or perhaps it inspires stress release in the form of thoughts.

We are happy either way.

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