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Choosing Thoughts

Recently my Summer wardrobe got an upgrade. I let go of any drab and worn out items and replaced them with colorful well-made spiffy pieces that better reflect what's going on inside my heart.

These days choosing what to wear is a choice between this cute and colorful thing, or that cute and colorful thing. No matter what, I'm going to be looking and feeling cute and colorful.

Lately it has occurred to me that I can choose thoughts in the same way that I might choose outfits.

Which thought should I wear today?

I'm letting everyone down or I have a lot to give.

There is so much I don't know or My access to knowledge has become more effortless and continues to expand.

I'm so not good at the "business" side of my work or It's fun to see how Nature is supporting me as I follow charm.

Some old and worn out thoughts simply do not fit anymore. Rather than pushing these old thoughts down or having a mental shouting match with them, we can simply choose a thought that feels better when a negating thought pops up.

I'm not worthy becomes I am getting better at claiming my deserving power.

Thoughts that don't feel good are not aligned with the truth of who we are.

Simply noticing our thoughts and how they feel is a good start. We can choose thoughts that feel better until our consciousness is so shiny and expansive that no choice is necessary. At that point we are consistently living in the truth of who we are.

Which thoughts are you going to put on today? If thoughts are causing discomfort, it's time for an upgrade.

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