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Filter Free

In the age of social media at a time when in person interaction is limited, there seems to be a strong desire in the collective to be authentic, or at the very least to appear to be authentic.

Either way, the intention is moving in the direction of discovering and sharing more of who we really are; who we know ourselves to be. The more one is identified with their big Self, the more authentic these offerings are because they come from a place of inspired action rather than one of personal need.

We meditate for twenty minutes twice daily and transcend our identity; all of the personality traits and relationships we've collected and use to define ourselves. We touch the field of bliss and all possibilities to discover that we are That, too.

Because we also know ourselves to be That, then in the waking state, our adorable personality traits and relationships become ways for us to relate to others and serve the need of the time rather than something we cling to and curate in order to serve the perceived need of our individuality. It requires no filter whatsoever because the truth is on display and it is wonderful and refreshing to witness.

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