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Sad Orchid

The high quality, very sweet way they took care of their plants inspired me to take better care of my plants and also, to take better care of myself, too.

My friends asked me to water their plants twice while they were away. I was sent a couple of videos in order to know what the plants needed and all was well.

I ended up talking to, singing to, and even reading to these plants that were clearly so well loved and well taken care of. I felt compelled to go above and beyond and treat them with extra love and attention because these babies deserve the best.

These plants have high deserving power!

When I got home, I gave the same kind of love to my sad, and dare I say neglected, orchid. I do talk to my plants now and then, but I tend to leave them alone until they ask for help.

That's one way to do it, I suppose.

But why wait until they are droopy and dry to give them some love?

Same can be true for taking care of the body.

For example, in my experience, by the time the sciatica shows up (which it does now and again), it's well past time to get the body moving. I have a tendency to sit with my books totally absorbed for hours on end and that kind of prolonged sitting is an invitation for some painful misalignment.

Does it have to take an ailment in order to feel justified in giving some love and attention to the body? It is a good body, a supportive body, and it deserves love and attention when it feels good, when it feels fine, when it feels neutral, and of course when it feels not so good, too.

If my dear friends' plants deserve the best, why not my plants? Why not me?

Wishing you and yours (and your plants, as well), some tender loving care on a regular basis.

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