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Self Talk

Long before I joined the millions who read and enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert's, Eat, Pray, Love, I had a strong desire to learn to speak Italian.

Such a beautiful language. So musical. So sensual. So expressive.

Yet, thirty years later, my Italian is still Basic Beginner Level 1.

Why? I talked myself out of it.

It's not practical. You should learn Spanish instead; so much more useful in Los Angeles. What is the point of learning a language if you can't use it every day? Don't you have better things to do like generating income and paying bills? Shouldn't you be focusing on your career?

Bummer. I mean, thanks for keeping me on track with survival, Voice in my Head, but it's okay to simply move in the direction of a desire even if it seems to serve no real purpose aside from enjoyment, pleasure, or fun.

Since learning to meditate, that Voice in my Head is totally different. It's more of a cheerleader now than a strict, practical killjoy. Recently, the desire to learn Italian has popped up again and the cheerleader in my head said, GO FOR IT!

Has the voice in your head changed since learning to meditate? I'd love to know if it has and in what way(s).

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