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Supreme Socks

The heater was broken in the lecture hall where I was doing my morning meditation program while on teacher training in India. I could have done my program in my warm room, but I loved being in that frozen lecture hall where so much expansion was happening.

One frigid morning at about 5am I had the thought that I wished I had brought more pairs of warm socks. While I wear my minimalist packing style as a badge of pride, one or two more pairs of cozy socks would have made all the difference in the world at that point.

I let it go.

At about 8am I went downstairs to the dining hall to have a warm glass of milk and a banana. I sat outside and let the morning sun warm my bones.

Walking toward me in his graceful unhurried pace was my Guru. I put my banana down to greet him by pressing my palms together.

My teacher, radiating with sunlight, held out a small bundle in both of his hands which I accepted with both of my hands.

"You look like you could use these. Keep them all, or share with your friends."

Three pairs.

Three pairs of woolen socks.

Three pairs of woolen socks handmade in the Himalayas.

Three pairs of woolen socks handmade in the Himalayas hand delivered to me by my Master.

Three pairs of woolen socks showed up three hours after I had the thought that I could use more warm socks; the thought that I had and then promptly let go.

I desired socks without attachment.

Nature delivered Supreme Socks to me, more pairs than I wanted, higher quality than I dreamed of, and were given to me by the most important person in my world.

Have you experienced something like this in your life? I'd love to hear about your "Supreme Socks" moment in which you had a desire without attachment and Nature delivered more than you imagined.

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