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The Library is Open

Opening the top set of doors of my antique Chinese cabinet painted Guru-Robe orange by the previous owners (which is precisely why I like it so much), there were dozens of books stashed every which way filling the entire space with bound potential.

I joked with my daughter who stood there gaping at the uncharacteristic display of disorganization on my part, that it might be possible that I have a "book problem."

More accurately, I had a book storage problem. There is no problem with the books. The books are wonderful and useful, and use them I do.

As the group of thirty Vedic Meditators who embarked on the magnificent journey of Self-discovery this Summer complete their final chapters of The Mahabharata this week, I am already preparing for our next undertakings in the bookclub, VVBC.

What we put our attention on grows.

My attention for the past year or so has been on guiding others in a process of Self-discovery through knowledge; reading and discussing the Itihasa and Puranas with an ever growing group of curious, inquisitive, and brilliant individuals.

The group keeps growing, and my collection of books has been growing, too.

The Library is Open!

My books are now all nicely arranged on a dignified bookshelf in our home meditation studio.

Come over. Take a look. Let's have a cup of tea.

You might just walk away with a copy of The Ramayana and the inspiration to check out Veda Vyasa Book Club for yourself and see what all the hum is about.

Don't live in Los Angeles? Let's have a Zoom date and talk about what the potential for Self-discovery through knowledge might look like for you.

In any case, what is your attention on? What are you growing? I hope it is something that fills you up and propels you forward.

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