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Under Pressure?

Approaching the unusual intersection which had four lanes worth of metro tracks, confusing signage, and one way traffic facing me, I proceeded with caution which earned me an irritated HONK from the driver behind me.

Finding my way to the narrow one way lane past all the tracks, I flashed a peace sign to the driver behind me (I've come a long with my in-car hand gestures) and went along my way.

At the next red light, I looked at the driver behind me through my rearview mirror and he looked really stressed, and not just because of my slow left turn. This person was clearly suffering.

Sometimes people who are behind us in their cars put pressure on us to go faster.

Sometimes people who are our friends put pressure on us to do what they're doing.

Sometimes people who love us put pressure on us in an effort to help us avoid making the same mistakes they made.

Under pressure? Consider the source.

Is the person applying the pressure cool, calm, and collected? Are they living their best life? Are they making choices with an abundance mindset and encouraging you to do the same?

If the answer is no, we can know that the pressure being applied is coming from a place of stress and that we don't need to take it on.

It's alright to proceed with caution if that's what the situation calls for. It's alright to turn left when all your friends are turning right if it's charming to do so. It's alright to try it your way even if you make some mistakes.

After I took a look at the driver behind me and saw how stressed he was, I decided to turn right on a whim and ended up on PCH going the opposite direction from home.

It was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous spontaneous little drive up the coast. I loved it and felt no pressure to hurry up and get home.

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