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Caring for Others

We all will be called to take care of someone we love who needs our help.

Whether we are caring for aging or ailing parents, raising children, advocating for an ill spouse, giving exceptional care to our furry and feathered family members, it can be a part time or full time job depending on their needs.

While it is an honor to be trusted to care for a loved one, it can be challenging to also remember to take care of our own basic needs like eating healthily, finding time to exercise, getting proper rest, or even bathing.

Through personal experience and a bit of research on my part, I discovered that if I maintained my meditation practice during those times of caring for others, it was more likely that I would also be able to find the time and space to eat in a dignified way, get some rest, and even take a shower now and then.

Imagine that!

Although forty minutes to an hour a day of taking our attention away from the person or pet who currently needs us can seem like a no-can-do, the fact is the meditated version of you is going to give higher quality attention to those in need. The highly adaptable version of you is far more equipped to give care than the stressed and tired version of you.

We meditate and are better able to care for others. So it is in our home, in our neighborhood, in our city, in our country, in the world. Feeling called to give care on a global scale? The meditated version of you will be far more clear, creative, and calm.

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